Camera System

The Camera system for measuring and grinding. The positive development from microscope to camera.
The digital length and angular measuring system enhanced with a color camera system and wide-screen monitor facilitate the constant
control and observation of the grinding process. The built-in resolver in the camera system for the measurement of angles and radii enhances
the length measuring of the workpiece in the simplest way.


This camera system can be retrofitted to all existing or new WS 54 and Christen 1-32 model machines.

The picture show the color monitor with 3-axis screen for X and Y-axes on the machine as well as angular measuring in the camera system.

Length and Angular Measuring Unit

Compact, workshop suitable, prepared for installation on tool and cutter grinders and drill-grinding machines.

Digital Positioning Screen

For the length and cross measurement of the work spindle head with 3-axis display in combination with the camera system can be used for angular measurement.

Exhaust System

  • Specifically designed for the Tool and Cutter Grinding Machine WS 54. We carry complete exhaust system in our program to be installed directly on the machine. Exhaust systems to fit customer needs for the grinding of carbide (nozzles, double exhaust and stands) can be supplied.

Clamping Attachments

  • For the extreme roundness and concentricity requirements, we carry our own clamping attachments, collet holders, 6-jaw chucks, taper sleeves. Existing clamping devices can be used.

Grinding Wheels

  • A substantial variety of grinding wheels is available in our stock: ceramic, CBN, and diamond grid wheels. We would be pleased to take care of our special requirements.
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